Writing Is a Lot Like Working Out

Writing is a lot like working out. The less you do it, the harder it is. The longer your muscles go without exercise, the more challenging it is to drag yourself into a gym, or the great outdoors…or out of bed. Once you’re in the habit though? It feels great! You even want to exercise because without it you feel like a real-life version of Jabba the Hut.

Writing is exactly like that. The longer I go without tapping into the writing section of my cranium (whichever part that is?), the harder! It’s like my brain cells are slowly dying off up there.

I maintained a blog when I was in high school. Sometimes I posted 5 times a week. It was so fun and pushed me to think critically and communicate clearly. When I was writing that often, the words just poured out of me. I didn’t even have to think about them. I sat down and already knew exactly what I wanted to say. And the topics! I never ran out of ideas. They sprang into my mind at the most random times: washing the dishes, taking a shower, driving…etc.

But that’s because I wrote all the time. On a blog. In a journal. Noveling. Nanowrimo-ing.

Then I went to Bible School. The only things I had time to write there were passage commentaries, book summaries (so. many. summaries.), and counseling scenarios.

Here I am, post graduation (post marriage, post kid), and this is my, let’s see, 4th attempt to restart a blog? That number sounds about right. The problem is always material. I could not find enough material, so I deleted them.

The other problem (and perhaps the bigger one) is confidence. In a web overflowing with amazing bloggers, I think, “What do I have that’s new? Why would anyone listen to me?” Intimidated by the unknown, I deleted them.

It is ridiculously frustrating to fail so many times. But alas, here I am yet again. Amid this cycle of creating and deleting, the Lord has pressed the burden to write even deeper in my heart. All this time I’ve known, well, that I’m supposed to be writing.

This time I have a whole page full of topics. Thank you, Lord, for that. I discovered long ago I couldn’t come up with topics on my own.

If you are reading this, thank you. Know that you are fueling my passion and supporting me as I finally say, “Yes, Lord.”

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