A Lesson of Love

Aiden wrapped his chubby fingers around the pacifier and inched it toward his face. He attempted to get it in his mouth but missed once, twice…three times…four times. The poor baby just kept on missing.

Listening to Austin and I, you would have thought he accomplished something wonderful. We watched from nearby, commentating and cheering him.

“Oh, watch watch! He is trying again!”

“How sweet!”

“You got it buddy! You are so close!”

Afterwards we kissed our developing baby boy and told him how proud we were. Why were we proud? He grabbed his paci and knew what to do with it, he tried and tried, and he is growing and learning and turning into a big boy. This may be ridiculous to those on the outside, but to his parents this was no little thing. We love our son and his small accomplishments and failures mean something to us.

Sometimes the Lord gives me “wow moments” in parenting. They normally go like this: I’m doing a normal parenting duty, something happens, I react, and suddenly the Lord shows me a beautiful parallel of his love and goodness toward me as my Father.

We need to start recognizing God as our Father. He isn’t some far off being, who is uninvolved and doesn’t care. He is not aloof or unapproachable. He is our Father. Our perfect Father, who makes no mistakes in parenting His beloved children.

I love Aiden. I would give my life for him without hesitation. And I’m just a fallen human being! My love for my son is real, yet tainted by my sin and selfishness. I get frustrated, upset, exhausted, and sometimes just have to walk away. My love for Aiden is so far from perfect.

But the love of the Lord for His children is pure. He loves us selflessly and always has our absolute best in mind. He is never frustrated with us, he is never bored or exhausted by our needs, and he never has to “walk away” in order to keep his cool. He is faithful, steady, and available always.

Austin and I doted over our son for failing. He never did get the pacifier in his mouth, but we loved him for trying.

Don’t you think the Lord is like that, too? We are His kids. He watches us grow and it pleases Him. I just know the Lord has been pleased with me when I was failing, yet trying. When I was growing and learning, but still messing it all up.

I believe God is far easier to please then we think He is. There is an image in our mind that sees God as only happy when we are successful, or witnessing the right way, or reading our Bible with complete alertness, or praying without any distractions, or doing something with 100% pure motives…

But, we can’t ever be perfect.

Neither can Aiden.

I don’t require my son’s perfection, so why do we pretend God requires it of us?

My perfection and righteousness have already been achieved through the blood of Jesus. In that truth I can rest. I don’t have to get the day to day stuff right all of the time. Throughout my life I will get better in areas and will grow in understanding, wisdom, and truth. But that’s a process…it won’t happen overnight

Does the Lord take joy in that journey? I think so.

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